Pedal Dozer Project

Tracked Electric Locomotive

electric snow sled
This creation by Yvon Martel functions as a personal locomotive to aid in all kinds of weight pulling. It is a tracked unit containing batteries, electric propulsion, and control unit. The size and dimensions are such that it maximizes pulling versatility -- and it's no coincidence that the footprint dimensions are similar to a horse -- as these units can be used singly or paired side-by-side. And, the weight of the (I assume) lead acid batteries are a traction benefit positioned inside the track as they are.
dual electric sled
Although not shown, I suspect they could be trained in series of an appropriate steering mechanism could be worked out. And, the format works on snow or dirt. Log pulling, or basic transportation on a scully.
wheeled track locomotive
I like this modern interpretation of the electric workhorse.

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