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Skizee Tracked Pusher Vehicle

skizee tracked vehicle

Just stumbled upon this site about two guys, Tim Park and Jim Maidment, from Kimberly BC Canada who made a tracked vehicle they call the Skizee. Intended for ski patrol and back country skiiers to gain additional mobility and range in their activities.

The Skizee is powered by a 10.5 HP 4 stroke engine wrapped in what looks like an off-the-shelf snowmobile track -- a design reminiscent of British Mark V tank from WWI.  The vehicle has a rigid single side arm that pushes the rider and provides grip handles and throttle control.

The experience for riding this vehicle looks like fun, although more on the utilitarian side of the fun spectrum. I like that the Skizee provides a skier with additional speed, range, and maneuverability with a minimum of equipment. And especially that it could function like a one-person ski lift while exploring the back country.

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