Pedal Dozer Project

Rubber Timing Belt as a Track

Found a belt on the McMaster-Carr website that may serve as a good rubber track for the project.

It is a double-sided timing belt with traction ribs on both sides. Its 1" wide and 81 3/4" length (longest option). Seems like an interesting option similar to the other rubber track examples.

One unknown is how to mate this type of track with pully or bicycle rim.

Part Number:  7891K125
$114.10 Each
Form Belts
Type Timing Belts
Timing Belt Type Double-Sided with Trapezoidal Teeth
Material Neoprene
Cord Material Fiberglass
Number of Teeth 248
Outer Circle 81-3/4"
Belt Width 1"
Timing Belt Series L Series
Pitch .375"
Trade Size 817L
Color Black
Specifications Met Not Rated
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