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Remote Controlled Tracked Lawnmower

remote controlled tracked lawnmower

A company called Evatech makes and sells some pretty fancy tracked lawnmowers for industrial applications. They're intended for mowing on steep slopes, low overhead access, and anywhere too dangerous for a human operator.

tracked lawnmower

The models have a gas powered lawnmower blade drive and an electric drive for the tracks. Looks to me like they're using some simple off-the-shelf drive components from electric mobility scooters, some readily available industrial rubber tracks, R/C controllers, and lawnmower machinery.

I like the ingenuity of design and the build looks robust. Their drive sprocket, for example, appears to be an elegant build solution: bolts with sleeves positioned around the circumference of a round metal plate. Simple and effective.

Curious to know how intensive they are to operate by remote control.

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