Pedal Dozer Project


Dave's initial Thoughts:


Greg's Thoughts:

Bulldozer drawings


Track Conversion Kit for Bicycles

Article from the Star describes a conversion kit that turns any mountain bike into a snow capable mode of transportation.


Human Powered Tracked Snow Vehicle Example

Comments on an interesting style human powered track vehicle.

Some positive points that come to mind:

  • Recumbent position for the rider and the seat looks good
  • Simplicity of chain drive mechanisms taken directly from a bicycle
  • Center of gravity looks to be positioned close to the front of the track - matches the requirement for easier turning of the track according to Greg.

Some negative points:

  • Slider on track (201) seem too high friction for our intended use.
  • Complexity of idler gears throughout the chain drive
  • Don't much care for the look of such a small wheel at the rear of the track

Kick-Off the Project!

Here is our first post introducing the project.

Stage 1: Collect ideas and examples from the internet.

Stage 2: Design and document our own plan

Stage 3: Begin the build

Stage 4: Testing and revisions

Stage 5: Demonstration!