Pedal Dozer Project

Kick-Off the Project!

Here is our first post introducing the project.

Stage 1: Collect ideas and examples from the internet.

Stage 2: Design and document our own plan

Stage 3: Begin the build

Stage 4: Testing and revisions

Stage 5: Demonstration!

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  1. I just love this project plan.

    Fits anything from DIY nuclear weapons, man-powered space flight and world domination to knitting scarves for beginners. 😀

  2. I just started thinging on a human powered tracked wehicle, about 2 monthes ago, partly due to winter conditions, and difficulties on roads (but that is over now, the snow melted).
    But the fun part is still in my head.

    My idea for the track would be used bicycle outer wheel rubber cut into pieces of 6-8 cm. Then each piece has 2 holes on both end, and steel rings that combine them up to a track. There is a gap between the rubber piceces, which can be used to fit a cog there, so the drive can transmit force throught that. Also friction and tension can help in that. This is cheap, low labour, and probably effective.

    I don’t know how much likely to derail, maybe further fixes would be needed.

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