Pedal Dozer Project

The Real Pedal Dozer

It seems Mr. Jeremy Spillane has built the real deal -- an actual pedal powered version of a Caterpillar Bulldozer. Well done, sir.


Track and Go Kit for 4×4 Trucks

A quick kit for converting road going 2 wheel drive trucks into tracked snow capable machines.

We've seen kits for 4x4 trucks, however, this one is the most convenient that I've seen. With a combination of skiis and tracks built into each wheel drive unit, the stock wheels can generate plenty of propulsion when paired with low ground pressure and high traction. I'm not sure if slippage of the tire on top of the track unit is a problem.

Each Track N Go kit comes with four track units and two loading ramps. To attach the tracks onto the vehicle, place the tracks in front of each wheel on the ground with the ramps leading up to them and simply drive forward onto the units and clamp them on. Rubber rollers integrated on the device ensures the tire stays aligned side-to-side for steering.

These look to be a bit less robust than other full track bolt-on kits; however, the convenience factor is high. I like that one could drive a truck to a location and then easily affix the tracks when the snow becomes deep enough to warrant it.


Tracked Boat from WWII

tracked boat

From the Germans during WWII: Panzerfahre Gepanzerte Landwasserschleppen. This tracked boat claimed to carry 20 people plus 3 operators. It was the early development efforts for a more effective amphibious landing craft capable of traversing difficult terrain and able to make significant inland maneuvers. Capable of sea launches to transport onto land as well as cross rivers and other water barriers to land access.

track boat 2

Second iteration opf the concept -- the Panzerfahre Gepanzerte Landwasserschleppen 2 -- more closely resembles modern landing craft. This example has startling similarity to the modern US efforts as described here.

tracked boat 22



Another Tracked Motorcycle

tracked motorcycle

Looks like a similar construction to this one but with larger and more aggressive treads and aesthetic design.


VW Bug Tracked Vehicle

tracked VW bug

The VW bug is a go-to platform for DIY vehicle mods. Its light, its simple, and its cheap.

Here is an example of a bug with tracks fitted with an extra axle, gullwing doors, and track covered extensions. I like the home made tracks, too -- metal stock bolted to a length of continuous conveyor belt and inner cleats to grip the rubber tires.


Tracked Electric Locomotive

electric snow sled
This creation by Yvon Martel functions as a personal locomotive to aid in all kinds of weight pulling. It is a tracked unit containing batteries, electric propulsion, and control unit.


Half Track Restoration Project

half track restoration

The Creeper Track Society is restoring a Citroën Kegresse P17E half-track vehicle. These fellows are carrying out the restoration in detail and documenting the process on their website: Creeper Track Society. I'm very interested in the process -- and the excellent skill and dedication of the team -- as they show their work restoring the boogies to building their own track replacement from scratch.


Amphibious Tracked Transport Vehicle

CAAT - Amphibious Tracked Transport Vehicle

DARPA funded the development of this tracked vehicle -- Captive Air Amphibious Transporter (CAAT) -- which is part paddle wheeler and part tank. Designed to be an autonomous transport vehicle in land and water, this vehicle seems to take the best qualities of the track tread and make it work in these two environments.


Timbersled Motorcycle Track Conversion Kit

There have been a number of tracked recreation vehicle designs popping up lately pushing into an interesting area of hybrid conversions. Specifically, these are kits designed to convert an off-road motorcycle into a uniquely capable snow machine. There are many companies, however, Timbersled is a popular kit out here in the mountainous West Coast of Canada.

timbersled motocycle track conversion kit


Skizee Tracked Pusher Vehicle

skizee tracked vehicle

Just stumbled upon this site about two guys, Tim Park and Jim Maidment, from Kimberly BC Canada who made a tracked vehicle they call the Skizee. Intended for ski patrol and back country skiiers to gain additional mobility and range in their activities.