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ATV Track Examples

Found some smaller ATV track examples. Similar to the car previously posted, however, smaller. One attractive thing about this design from a human powered vehicle perspective is that we would no longer need to utilize the skid-steer method of turning, which is inefficient and difficult for a load capable track design. In this ATV example shown below, the tracks in front steer independently and the rear are fixed.

This is a photo of a 6 wheel ATV (4 in the rear and 2 in front) converted to tracks. These conversion kits are promoted as excellent for snow, mud, and sand use, and depending on the track, also good on hard surfaces. They offer improved traction in soft terrain because they spread the weight of the rider and vehicle over a large contact area to prevent sinking into the terrain. Notice the front tracks tend to be shorter and center the weight over a smaller area under the main cog (where the tire used to be) in order to improve handling and allow easier turning effort. The rear tracks tend to be long and flat for maximum traction and cargo capacity.

This video shows the "Commander Wide Track" ATV tracks in action and demonstrate that performance in snow and hill climbing are exceptional.

This image shows the Camoplast ATV track conversion kit with some specs and dimensions.

The Litefoot Track includes internal suspension and pivot arms to provide additional flexibility.

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  1. On a vehicle with 4 track systems, how many track systems need to be powered by the engine. Can you have the 2 in the rear that are driven by an engine and 2 in the front that are free standing with no power to them?

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